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Affordable Art Glass for Home and Business

reneéglass is created by fusing or slumping various glasses to create original works of art. Choose from a wide variety of styles and colors to compliment any exterior or interior design. The glass can be customized for installation in standard window sashes, mounted as a window treatment, or hung as an accent in your home or business.

Fused glass is the art of mixing colored and clear glass that has been cut, ground or powdered. The composition is then heated to melt the glass, fusing the composition into a solid sheet of glass. This sheet can then be used in endless ways to enhance any environment.

This glass can be insulated or laminated to meet any building code for interior/exterior applications. It can also be drilled and hung, or even mounted to walls with the use of standoffs. It can be manufactured thick to use as tabletops and room dividers, or thin as free-hanging art. Custom designs or customizations of current compositions are welcomed.

See examples of our work in the Image Gallery.

Photos of renee' glass by Stephen Funk Photography.